Trainer Tamers Super Strength Odour-Destroying Insoles

Trainer Tamers
Odour-Destroying Insoles

Maximum strength insoles for active feet are designed to tackle the worst foot odours and wetness that exercise and sport cause for feet. High performance insoles are especially designed for trainers and athletic shoes to provide soft yet tough cushioning.

Features Odor-Eaters Triple Odour Protection Technology:

  1. Activated Charcoal locks in and destroys odours
  2. Insta-Fresh® neutralises sweat acids that release odour
  3. Anti-Bacterial fights odour-causing bacteria

Plus Comfort-Grip Foam to prevent the insole from bunching or sliding.

One size fits all up to UK Size 11. For a comfortable fit, follow the printed guidelines on the insoles.

Not sure what size to cut your insoles?

Click here for cutting template

All Day Effectiveness For Fresher, Drier Feet